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Tom Abbott reviewed Karate West
via Facebook

The best instructors, and programs available. Karate West is the gold standard for martial arts training for all ages and abilities.

Nolberto Parra reviewed Karate West
via Facebook

Excellent school, totally earned my respect. Highly recommended!

Tim Heiner reviewed Karate West
via Facebook

Karate West has been my dojo for more than 20 years. The leadership and integrity are, in a word, Excellent. Domo Ariagato.

Ionut Ciprian Gradinaru reviewed Karate West
via Facebook

Great school, the kids have a lot of fun and the instructors are very serious. When you see a kid with a black belt you know they worked a lot to reach there.

Laura-Maria Wood reviewed Karate West
via Facebook

I knew nothing about martial arts when our sons started training at Karate West almost 5 years ago (they were ages 4y and 8y). In fact I thought it might make them fight.
But now I’m so glad we gave it a try! They have learned leadership skills and how to stand up to bullies (without fighting). They’ve learned about healthy life style and goal setting.
My shy little boy found his confidence and my busy little boy found his focus. We’ve also made some awesome friends and the boys have found a passion that keeps challenging them both physically and mentally!

Ashley Conner reviewed Karate West
via Facebook

I went to Karate West as a child and now my two boys are students at the Issaquah Dojo. While Karate West is a large school, they do an amazing job of creating personal connections with the students and parents. I highly recommend Karate West!

Jennifer Colcleaser Jaddi reviewed Karate West
via Facebook

Me and my two girls go to Karate West, we couldn’t ask for a better place to supply our girls with a large number of role models.

Michael Carrell reviewed Karate West
via Facebook

I attended this school as a teen until I left for college and I can honestly say that Karate West is on of the reasons that I am a successful adult today. This school not only teaches students martial arts but arguably more important are the life skills they show their students. I owe Karate West and it team of amazing teachers and assistants for my success in life.

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Summer Camp is Cancelled for 2020

Summer Camp 2021 Themes!


Week 1:
Heroes Academy 

Create your action hero identity, join an elite agency and team up to defeat Camp’s supervillains. Hone your super powers with feats of strength like breaking boards. Help your fellow superheroes make it through webslinger maze and save the city in the Nerf arena simulator. Don’t miss your chance to practice scaling walls and leaping from rooftops in the avengers agility course. This action packed week is all about finding your inner superhero!

Week 2:
Wizarding World

Calling all would-be witches and wizards! Once the Sorting Hat places you in your Hogwarts House the real magic begins! Customize your wand, discover hidden talents and conjure up all sorts of fun concealed within the secret Wizarding World! Help your team win the House Cup by participating in daily challenges like Quidditch Dodgeball, Defense Against the Dark Arts Karate, Spellcaster’s Potions class, Transfiguration Arts & Crafts  & so much more!

Week 3:
Spy School
Top secret! Karate West’s elite spy squad is looking for new recruits. Train for the ultimate Secret Agent Obstacle Course while learning to crack a secret code and thwart the shadowy forces of evil. Find and follow clues, try your hand at making invisible ink, use magnifying glasses and mirrors to save humanity. Agents will dust for fingerprints, crawl through the Lazer Maze and meet the challenge of the Master of Disguise Team Relay. Memorize this message. It will self-destruct in ten seconds. Nine… eight… seven…

Week 4:
Myth Busters 
Take matters into your own hands this week with hands-on experiments and eye-catching demonstrations, our silly scientists will be making super slime and concocting their own ice cream. They’ll put physics to the test by dropping eggs and seeing if mentos really do cause soda cans to burst, as well as challenging themselves in teambuilding relay races, and creating their own experiments!  Our hypothesis? This week is going to be exploding with mind blowing experiences.

Week 5:
Treasure Hunt
Adventure is out there are we’re going to find it! Prepare your inner archeologist as we dig for dinosaur bones and follow maps to unearth forgotten treasure troves. Keep your eyes peeled for boulders in raider’s dodgeball and avoid the quicksand. Will your team make it through the mummies curse relay? Only time will tell. Pack your bags the hunt is on!

Week 6:

Ahoy mateys! Come aboard the SS West and prepareto discover the mysterious world above and below the waves. Find sunken treasure in a scavenger hunt, play beach games like cannonball dodgeball and practice your quick thinking when the captain is coming during shipdeck! Grab your swimsuit and a towel this week is sure to be a splash!

Week 7:
Galaxy Far Far Away

Use your Jedi skills and save the universe from the Dark Side! Create your own Lightsaber and participate in Yoda’s Jedi Training. You never know what other alien lifeforms you may run into. Break boards using theforce within you. Escape the Death Star obstacle course and tackle the Clone Wars Nerf Arena. Join us as we blast off for a week that will truly be out of this world!

Week 8:
X-Treme Ninja Warrior

If you’ve got your sights set on that final buzzer then this is the week for you! Challenge yourself individually and as a team while you train to become a Karate West X-treme Ninja Warrior Champion. As teams work to complete the X-treme Ninja Relay you will shimmy your way through tunnels, jump through hoops, and tackle the giant stairs. On the final day utilize all your training to compete in the X-treme Finale Course!