Staff Bio - Lisa Varner

Birthday: 7/25/67

Education: (High school, college, etc) East Central – Tulsa, University of Tulsa - BS Psychology

Profession / Career: Office Manager/Lead Instructor

Martial Art rank(s) and Style(s): 3rd degree Shudokan karate-do, blue?/purple? Something in the middle – Tae Kwon Do

Years Training: 16 years

Teaching and group(s): (TT, LD, Youth, Adult, Weapons, Hyper, Demo, etc) TT/LD – 14 years

Favorite Kata: Meaning of kata and reason for being favorite? I’m going to butcher the spellings – Old Favorite - Anon, New Favorite - Chebanis Kewsankew Don’t know the meanings really. Just like the moves

Hobbies: Other than karate of course,  sightseeing/activities with the family, piano, bike riding, collectibles

Best martial art memory: Sparring match with a big guy when I was a colored belt. Big guy took a step and fell down. I didn’t touch him. Sensei Mark called YAME and gave me the point for the Jedi mind sweep. That or when one of my prior Little Dragons mentioned me in his Black Belt bio as being one of his favorite teachers. After 7 to 10 years I amazed they even remember who I am!  

Lisa Varner