Staff Bio - Ken Watrous

Birthday: 4/10

Education: (High school, college, etc) Liberty High School, UW BA 1995

Profession / Career: Karate West Senior Operations Manager

Martial Art rank(s) and Style(s): Yondan Shudokan Karate, Nidan Combat Hapkido, Shodan Goshin Jitsu

Years Training: 26 Years

Teaching and group(s): (TT, LD, Youth, Adult, Weapons, Hyper, Demo, etc)- I teach youth, adult and weapons classes

Favorite Kata: Seiyunchin –it means from the valley floor to mountain top is a long journey, one misstep and the fall is very quick. It is about building strong relationships and I learned this kata from Sensei Mack when I first met my wife Stephanie.

Hobbies: My family is my main hobby – I love being with them. Other than that, I love to be at home working in my yard or building things. I love to ride my motorcycle and enjoy time with my friends.

Best martial art memory: I have hundreds, but two stand above the rest – receiving my black belt from Sensei Holeman and traveling and training with Sensei Mack in Japan.

Ken Watrous