Weapons Training

Weapons training is designed specifically for the serious student, age 8 to adult, who has the talent, desire and ability to train at a higher level. Premier Weapons Club students are trained in a comprehensive weapons program that includes your choice of nine different weapons with specialized training once each week outside regular martial arts class. Weapons include: Cane, Sai, Kama, Tonfa, Bo, Fan Nunchaku, Sword, Arnis and Self Defense.

Premier Weapons Club students wear a special heavyweight uniform of black pants and white top with chest and shoulder patches. In addition to weapon classes, this uniform can be worn to all karate classes and promotional tests.

Premier Weapons Club students may audition for placement on Karate West’s Xtreme TrickX Team. The team performs at school functions, community events and at tournaments.


“The Premier Weapons Club is exclusively offered to Karate West members for only $49 per month!”