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“Karate West is a great place to reduce stress and regain that sense of empowerment over your life.”

-Paul Botta


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IssaquahMercer Island

Teen & Adult Programs, ages 12 & up

Developing and maintaining a sound body and mind are critical to getting the most out of life. Flexibility will be enhanced through a gradual building process of safe and easy stretching techniques. Most students notice improvements in weight reductions as well as improved toning and strengthening of muscles.

Teen and Adult Issaquah Beginners

Ages 12 & Up
9:30 amTuesday & Thursday
7:00 pmTuesday & Thursday
7:00 amSaturday (2 hour Extended class)
7:00 pmMonday & Wednesday (Beginner Hapkido Self Defense)

Teen & Adult Mercer Island Beginner

Ages 12 & Up
7:00 pmMonday & Wednesday

Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Loss

Due to the total-body nature of a martial arts workout, tons of calories are burned during every class. However, you’ll also find that your natural eating signals become better regulated, so food cravings will disappear and you’ll eat less as a result. A one hour session of moderate intensity martial arts can burn up to 500 calories.

Self Confidence

Due to the goal setting, positive encouragement and respect for values that are part of all martial arts programs, the greatest benefit usually reported by martial arts students is greater self-confidence. You become more comfortable in all situations – whether you’re in danger or simply doing a task that takes you beyond your comfort zone — and you’ll discover you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Adult members with busy schedules benefit from the convenience of our Early Bird Saturday morning class. Students meet once a week for two hours from 7am to 9am.