Karate West is closed in honor of the holidays listed below. In addition, classes may be closed on Saturday if the holiday falls near the weekend. We do not close for spring break or mid winter break, however, we may run a limited class schedule. During inclement weather, we follow the Issaquah School District closures for the Issaquah Training Center and the Mercer Island School District closures for the Mercer Island Training Center. Tuition is not subject to adjustment for closures.

  • January: New Year’s Day
  • May: Memorial Day
  • July: Independence Day
  • September: Labor Day
  • October: Halloween
  • November: Thanksgiving
  • December: Holiday Break
  • (Closed the week between Christmas & New Year’s Day)

Required Safety Equipment

All students purchase a gear package at enrollment. A full set of safety gear must be brought to class in order to participate. If you lose a piece to your set, you are asked to promptly replace it.

Uniforms & Other Gear

All beginners start with a lightweight beginner’s uniform, which is included in the Introductory Special. Once a student earns the rank of yellow belt, they should upgrade to heavyweight uniform.

Tuition & Renewal Policies

Please refer to your copy of the Contractual Agreement provided at enrollment for your specific program term, tuition rate, renewal date, and method of payment. The following are general policies: Tuition Policy:

  • Standard no refund policy
  • There are no pro-rations of tuition for missed classes
  • Payment is due for your program term regardless of attendance (refer to Freeze Policy for missed classes)

Renewal Policy: Your program will automatically renew for the same program term unless we are notified by you in writing 15 days prior to your renewal date. You will receive a renewal notification reminder 30 days in advance of this date. If we do not hear from you by the due date listed, the membership will be renewed and tuition payments will continue to be charged for the duration of the new term at current rates. If it is your desire not to renew, you must contact our office by email or in writing two weeks prior to the renewal date.

Schedule Changes

After each test period (3 times a year), the class schedule will be adjusted to accommodate new belt promotions. Students may need to move from their present class time to a higher belt level class. There is no guarantee you will receive your class preference, however, our goal is to offer a convenient selection of color belt choices on the schedule. Students must all sign up for their class preference after belt award week. When a student’s belt color changes as they advance to black belt, they may need to change classes.

Make Up Class Policy

Youth and Adult students who train twice a week are provided a bonus class on Saturday that can be used as a 3rd training class each week - or used to make up missed classes. On occasion, if you must attend a make up during the week, it is required that you call the office to schedule the make up class. Make ups may only be conducted in non-full classes. Maintaining appropriate class size and student teacher ratio is important to us. Students are not allowed to drop in and attend classes to which they are not assigned without prior approval.

Freezing Your Membership

If your schedule requires that you take time off from your karate class before the completion of your 6 or 12 month program, you must notify Karate West by submitting a “Freeze Notice” in advance of the month you are to be away. Payment of the absent month(s) will be made as usual. However, a full credit for the “frozen” month will be applied to the end of the program term.

  • A full calendar month is required to freeze (not partial months) - 1st to the 30th.
  • A maximum of 1 month may be frozen under a six month program and 2 months under a twelve month program.
  • Students that take time off beyond 1 or 2 months will not receive credit for missed time.
  • Credit will only be applied if the Freeze Notice form is provided before the freeze month.

Karate West offers a Summer Freeze program that allows partial months to be frozen in June, July & August. Please see policy details for summer freezing. Partial freezing is only permitted in the summer.