Spending only a little time at Karate West, you will soon realize that we do so much more than teach martial arts. We make it a priority to teach life skills that improve the lives of our students, as well as everyone that they encounter. In order to more effectively single-out these ever-important skills, we make each month a focus on just one. This month, we have decided to focus on Integrity.

Integrity is a skill by which the world judges someone’s character. The level of our integrity also affects how we value our self-worth. To help you better understand what it means to have integrity, we have separated the concept into three core pillars.


Quite possibly one of the most important pillars of integrity, is maintaining honesty, but that may mean more than simply always telling the truth. One cannot lead a life of integrity by lying or keeping secrets, but sometimes revealing information to someone may be unkind. You always need to take someone’s feelings into account when you practice honesty.

However, dishonesty for your own benefit is always the wrong decision to make. Even when you feel that you might get in trouble for speaking the truth, even though it might be hard to be honest, you will notice a positive difference in how people view your character when you make the right decision.


In establishing your own moral compass, it’s important to first identify what your personal meaning in life is. What is right and wrong can often be measured by how it aligns with that priority. If you read last month’s Karate West blog post, you probably recall the importance of living a compassionate life. Will you dedicate yourself to always making the most compassionate decision?

Ultimately, there’s no absolute meaning of life for everyone. It’s up to you to decide what is most important in life and to always make that a priority. Make sure that your life serves a purpose toward that goal and always strive to make a positive difference.


When you commit yourself to something, do you make it a priority in your life? Saying that you will do something, making a promise, even to yourself, and ensuring that it gets done makes you dependable and a person with integrity. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep, but don’t avoid responsibility just because you think it might be hard. Embrace the parts of your life that fulfill you and those around you, and you will know what it’s like to live with a strong sense of integrity.

While each individual pillar of integrity is important, you might have noticed that they all depend on one another. You cannot complete one without remaining true to the others. That just means you need only start with one and the rest will follow. It won’t always be easy, but soon you will find that living a life of integrity is all the more rewarding.


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