Frequently Asked Questions

Our family wants to take karate but how do we get started?

All beginner students start with our Introductory Special. Participating in the Introductory Special will give you the “hands on” experience you need to make an educated decision to choose the best school for you or your child. The Introductory Special provides 2 weeks of lessons and a uniform for $49.99.

How many classes per week are recommended?

Children ages 3 to 5 attend one karate class each week. For children ages 5 and 6, they may choose to attend one or two days a week. Students ages 7 to adult attend two classes each week, plus they may add a third day of training by attending our Saturday bonus class. Adults with busy weekday schedules may enjoy attending one class per week for two hours on Saturdays from 7am to 9am.

Will training in karate make my child overly aggressive?

No, just the opposite is true. Children are taught that karate is not to be used in aggression, but rather to defend oneself in life threatening situations. Aggressive behavior is channeled into assertiveness to increase the child’s self-esteem, increase self-discipline and build character. It is a strict rule that children are not allowed to practice karate techniques on siblings or friends.

Will my classes be safe?

Absolutely. Karate West has gone to great lengths to make it one of the safest facilities in the nation. As with any physical sport, injuries can happen, however, all classes are strictly monitored to ensure safety. Protective gear is important. All students purchase a set of safety gear at enrollment (after their Introductory Trial Lesson) which includes boots, gloves, mouthguard and a helmet. Students bring this gear to class each week.

How long will it take to become reasonably proficient?

The time it takes to become proficient varies with each individual. Students are often amazed by their own ability and accomplishment in as little as six months. Training will give you the confidence of knowing that you can defend yourself in most situations. Your real goal should be to attain the rank of Black Belt. This level of proficiency typically takes about 3.5 years for adults and 4.5 years for children.

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