Chris Chen
My black belt really makes me who I am today. I tend to be a fun and open guy, and I think that through my training at Karate West, I was able to become more confident about who I am. My black belt also serves as a reminder that I can overcome anything that I put my mind to, and it motivates me to be the best person that I can be. Getting my black belt also taught me how to discipline myself. As I prepared for my black belt test, I learned that there is no gray area to fall between after the test; everything is strictly black or white (pun absolutely intended), and I learned to discipline myself in order to accomplish what I want to do and succeed. And that is what my black belt means to me.


Karate West

About Karate West

Karate West Training Centers are owned by Randy Holeman and Jan Stockton. Their first full-time training center opened in Issaquah in 1989. It had been their goal to build a martial arts school that offered not only an effective self-defense program for children and adults, but also a comprehensive program of personal growth and development. It would be the emphasis on teaching the life skills of leadership, integrity, goal setting, self-discipline and academic excellence, to name a few, that would cause the community to respond. Learn more

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